Virtual Assistant Services

Personalized online support at your fingertips

Our Mission

Committed to providing high quality, reliable virtual assistant services, from administrative to technical, to entrepreneurs who want to free up time to pursue their dreams and focus on what drives their business.

Our Vision

To become the invaluable administrative and technical online resource that makes a difference in the lives of busy entrepreneurs, business owners and executives.

Our Services

Administrative Support

Administrative Support

Services adapted to your specific needs. Includes any administrative tasks that will free up some of your time.
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Web Design

Web Design

Brand enhancing website design, updates and maintenance services on WordPress and Wix.
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Social Media

Social Media

Business page set up, content creation and podcast technical support to increase your online presence.
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Benefits of working with us

We handle all the work you don’t want or have time to do so that you can focus on what drives your business

You pay only for hours worked and don’t have to worry about social benefits, overhead and  equipment costs.

Whether you need work done on a regular or occasional basis, you use our services only when you need them.


As you delegate tasks that are out of your area of expertise, you get rid of activities that drain you time and energy.

No time wasted on endless interviews for the perfect candidate. 

Hiring our service is quick, easy, hassle free and doesn’t involve  along term commitment.

You can test us and see how we work with our special  Introduction Package and decide whether you want to rehire our services after completion or move on.

As we are already trained in both general and technical admin skills, we are ready to work as soon as you get us on board.

There’s no need for you to invest time and money in training.

Accordion Content

We understand that business owners’ tremendous responsibilities can become overwhelming and exhausting over time. Avoid getting burned out. Let us relieve you of some of those responsibilities so that you can take a breather and focus on your emotional well-being.